Monday, July 9, 2007

Basic Jewelry Tools of the Trade

Creating jewelry can be fun and relatively inexpensive to get started! If you like the sparkle of glass beads, then you will only need a few tools to get started. An assortment of pliers are always helpful. Chain nose pliers, side cutting pliers, nylon jaw pliers and round nose pliers are essential. There are many different types of pliers and they all have different uses but these will allow you to do the basics. A bead reamer, and bead crimper are also needed as basic tools. You may get started with these and later add a bead board and small snips if you enjoy creating watches, necklaces and bracelets. I made many items by lining beads up on a towel and that worked just fine until I could invest in a bead board.
If bending wire interests you, then add a wire jig and pegs to your tool box. You can spend hours and hours designing wire work and combining it with beads to create a myriad of interesting and unique pieces of jewelry or one of a kind gifts.
This is a craft that is portable and travels easily. My family and I get together and have bead parties. Everything fits easily down into a tote bag or two and off I go for a late night of beading and wire work while we visit with one another. It is also a fun craft to share with your adolescent or teenage children. Just when you think that your teen wants nothing to do with you, try designing jewelry together. You may find that they still enjoy talking with you and sharing creative ideas!

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Karen Gladney said...

Just love your jewelery. Tks so much for the tutotials.

Great job and hobby.

Added you to my blogroll.



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