Thursday, July 26, 2007

Red and Silver Dangle Earrings

I had planned to show you how to make ear wires but I am having technical difficulties with my camera. Okay that is just a nice way of saying that I dropped it and now it is not working properly! In the meantime I will be using photos that I already have loaded on my computer.

I made this pair of earrings for the Christmas season and many people commented on how much they liked them and how festive they look. I decided to make about eight pairs for some friends and acquaintances this past Christmas. I purchased most of the silver pieces from a Bali bead company overseas. The corrugated and glass beads were bought through a mail order source in the United States.

I used a decorative sterling silver head pin that weighs .43 grams is .60 mm around and 74 mm in length. I placed a sterling silver cap that is approximately 4mm in depth on the head pin and then added an 8mm red druk bead. Place another cap bead on the head pin and add a 4mm corrugated sterling silver bead. Next place a .2 gram 1.5 x 5.5 gram daisy spacer above the corrugated bead. Add a 6 mm ruby Swarovski crystal diamond shaped bead and top it with another daisy spacer. Roll down the head pin with a pair of round nose pliers. Leaving a double loop to finish the top. A single loop may be used instead of the double, however the double is added security. I chose a matching ear wire to tie the design together but you may choose to design and fashion your own. Gently open the ear wire with the round nose pliers and attach the beads. Close the wire and enjoy!

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Sencie said...

Wow!!!! These are Beautiful!!!!


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