Sunday, July 22, 2007

Blue and Silver Drop Earrings

Now that vacations are over, I thought it was about time to work on this blog. It is time to get down to business and start creating. These earrings are easy and quick to create so let's get started.

Supply list:
Wire Jig
Round Nose Pliers
Wire Cutters
22 gauge semi hard round silver wire
3 pairs of beads (different shape and size will add interest)

If you are new to using a wire jig, then I would suggest purchasing a few rolls of inexpensive wire and practice first. Your practice pieces could be used with your cropping and card making. Here is a piece that I used as a decorative element on a card. I have fashioned many metal pieces on my jig especially for use on cards and scrapbook pages. Colored wire can add just that attention to detail you need to finish a project! There are a myriad of shapes that can be made. Take a look at the post it note holder in my first post. It has a piece that was formed on a jig. We'll talk more about using the jig with cropping at a later date. Right now we will focus on the earrings at hand.

Begin with the 22 gauge wire and 4 small pegs on the jig. I usually begin by taking my round nose pliers and creating the first loop and then placing it on the jig. Continue wrapping the wire as shown until the cross shape is complete. I have taken the wire from the jig after each bend so that you may follow which way to bend the wire. Typically you would leave the wire on the jig until the piece is completed.

Remove the wire from the jig and trim with wire cutters.

Flatten the shape with the nylon pliers or on an anvil and gently tap with a hammer. This will harden the wire and make it more durable. Be careful with the hardening step because there is a fine line between hardening the wire and breaking the wire! I say this from experience. Once the cross is completed, it is time to turn your attention to adding the glass beads.

Place a bead onto the wire. Then take the round nose pliers and make a tiny loop. Next cut the wire about a half inch beyond the bead and make a loop on the other end. Do this with each of the 3 beads and then assemble the beads together.

Next attach the beads to the cross. Make sure that each loop is closed neatly so that the piece will stay together. The earring is essentially finished at this point. It just needs to be attached to an ear wire. Gently open the loop and slip on the cross being sure to close the loop. Refer to the first photo. You may purchase ear wires or make your own. It is easy to make your own on the wire jig and I will show you how in an upcoming post. I hope this has inspired you to make a few pair of earrings for yourself or to give as gifts!


Anonymous said...

Your card is gorgous. I've never used wire before. It added that special touch that makes your card so great. I'm going to have to try this. Now see what you started! LOL TFS

Sencie said...

Oh my goodness!!! You are totally making me want to run out and get a wire jig!!!!!


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