Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Check This Out

Have you been wondering where the posts have been this week? I have been having a problem with spy ware and viruses because I have been surfing the net a lot lately. Oh the joys of the information super highway! Oh and then there is the time consuming problem of trying to refill printer ink cartridges for printers that are too darn proprietary for their own good! (Throw printer across the room at this point and buy another brand of printer that is also proprietary and tries to block you from refilling your ink cartridge.) I'll get down from my soap box now and get on with it.

I thought I would share some of the things that I have found. Check out the Well Said Cards Blog if you need ribbon. There is blog candy there until Friday August 31st. Who could resist a bag of ribbon and other goodies?

The Ruby Slippers Stamping Blog has a good idea in the August 27Th post! There is a photo of a punch template that would come in handy when designing cards and scrapbook pages. Just place the template over a stamped image to figure out which images work with which punches. The link is in my favorites to the right. I need to get around to doing this to save time when designing a new project.

Are you tired of stamping cards and scrapbook pages? See what Jane has been doing with alcohol inks. I have some that I have not had time to play with yet. Drop me line and tell me what you have been doing with this type of ink. Better yet, leave a message with a link to a photo of your project.

If you like jewelry, check out Patricia's blog candy. She is giving away one of her lampwork bead bracelets. Ooh la la!

I have been creating some jewelry this week and fancy cards. I hope to get them posted very soon. Happy stamping!

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