Friday, August 17, 2007

Ear Wire Tutorial 101

1. Take your round nose pliers and some 20 gauge round half hard wire and begin to make a tiny round circle using the very tip of the pliers. Circle around 2 times. Harden the circle with nylon pliers or an an anvil.

2. Place the circle in your flat nose pliers and bend 180 degrees. See Photo and don't forget to click on the pic if you need to enlarge it.

3. Take your round nose pliers and make a bend at the base of the circle using the tip of the pliers.

4. Now place the wire onto the jig as shown and bend. If you do not have a jig, you can use round nose pliers and bend two wires at one time so that you have a matched set. The jig does a great job though and is worth the investement.

5. Remove from jig and trim the wire. It is up to you at this point how long you want the wire to be. It is a personal preference and style unless the wires will be used for children or young teens. In my opinion, the long wires are too large for a young person's ear and length of their face.
6. Make a second ear wire and line them both together in your pliers so that they are a matched set.

7. Lightly hammer to harden the wire as shown. I like to place the decorative circle at the edge of the anvil. Be careful not to damage the circle as you harden the rest of the wire. The horn of the anvil works well to accomplish this job. Nylon pliers can also be used but I think the anvil does a better job at hardening the wire. Did you notice that the last pic has a heart motif instead of a circle? I will post the instructions for those in my next post. Until then stay tuned!

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