Sunday, August 5, 2007

Improvisation On a Theme

This set may look familiar to you if you have been reading this blog. They are almost identical to the July 26Th post. I used a finer head pin and created a third piece which easily slides on a silver chain as a pendant. This is a simple yet elegant set and works up quickly as a gift item. If you are comfortable making these, then it is time to move along to something with a little more glitz. It is just as easy to put together but it takes a bit longer to complete. The most difficult part of this project is adding the crimp beads. I used a 7 flexible strand nylon coated stainless steel bead wire with a 20# break. If this sounds a bit technical it really isn't. Bead wire comes in different tensile strengths. The number 20 means that the wire can takes 20 lbs of pull before it breaks. I don't like to use anything lighter because I tend to get my bracelets caught on things. LOL I guess my mother didn't name me Grace for a reason. If you have small children, they are often attracted to bright shiny objects dangling around your neck and wrist. Those little fingers are strong and sometimes quicker than the eye. This is why I like a stronger wire. If you really want to be safe, you may be able to order a 40# wire. You can usually find the 20# wire on a roll in your craft store or jewelry supply store. The silver used is all sterling and the spacers on the bracelet and necklace have a rope pattern. The larger silver Bali beads are 8 mm in size and made in Indonesia. There are also some 6mm round emerald color druk glass beads along with some 4mm and 6mm fire polished emerald colored glass beads. The pieces were then finished with clasps that are simple yet decorative pieces of silver from Indonesia. I used sterling silver crimp beads to finish the pieces. If you are new to using these, then I would recommend practicing with silver plated beads and then moving on to using the softer sterling. If you need a bit of instruction on this process, then check out either of these links.

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