Thursday, August 16, 2007


Time for just a little update. The blog is coming along a bit slower than expected. I am still adding links and probably will be for quite some time. There are tons of stamping diva blogs that I want to introduce you to as well as basket and jewelry sites that are really cool.

Did you check out Patricia's jewelry yet? Her beads are so beautiful and those bracelets are marvelous! If you would like to purchase individual beads, just contact Patricia and she will give you a price on the things you are interested in. I am hoping that she will talk about some of the individual beads in one of her upcoming blog posts. I can imagine making several pieces with her beads, if I can only find the time!

I promised you a tutorial on making your own french wire earrings. The photos are finally complete and downloaded. I hope to get things uploaded to the blog in the next few days along with a tutorial on a beginner basket. For now I'll show you a pair of those Celtic knot wire jig earrings. Remember the Celtic knot cropping bling? It is the same piece done with sterling silver on simple hand made ear wires with the addition of a square pink iridescence bead for color and interest. The french wire tutorial will feature wires that are a bit more decorative so keep checking back!

I know another jewelry artisan who may give you some more details about the Celtic knot jewelry or maybe she will choose to show something entirely different. She was wearing a pair of earrings like these one day and I really liked them. We were making jewelry that day and I made a pair before our creative session ended. They are fun and have a lot of movement. This artisan will be a guest blogger here in the future. For now, here are those earrings I promised you. The bead has a simple coil design on each end and is attached to the knot with a simple S hook.


Heidi said...

Your blog is great- how diverse too! I can come here and learn anything. Keep up the work girlfriend!


Rose said...

Your earrings are so beautiful. You are my inspiration.

Paula said...

Thanks for your kind words Heidi and Miss Rose!

easycrafts said...

nice one...check out my blog too


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