Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bracelet Watches!

Have you figured out that I am attracted to bright shiny objects? Yes, it's more watches. I must admit that I have quite a collection. There must be at least nine in my collection and then I have also made several as gifts.

The clear and silver piece is the first beaded watch that I put together several years ago. It is still my favorite and goes with any type of clothing. The Bali beads make this piece interesting and give a lot of texture to the piece. It also gives an antique look to the piece and I love antiques! You may notice that when I make a double stranded piece that I like to use square beads to tie the two strands together. Using just one square bead on each side worked quite nicely. Proper placement made all the difference.

The blue and white watch is an old standby for jeans when I want a little more color. Notice the square beads, spacers and facets of the blue beads give the texture and contrast needed to make this piece interesting. The watch face is a bit large and very round. An oval or oblong face would have been the best choice in my opinion. Maybe I just get tired of looking at the same old round shape in watch faces! I hope this gives you some ideas to make your own designer watches. It is fun to have so many to mix and match with clothing. Especially since the cost is reasonable if you make them yourself! Happy beading and let me know that you have stopped by the blog today.

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