Thursday, September 20, 2007

Crown Jewels?

Are you thinking, she's still in a blue mood? Yes it's true! It is so clean and calming to work with these colors. The sparkle and wow factor work so well with this combination. What can I say? Were you wondering if I was thinking about the Crown Jewels at the time of creating this piece? Not quite, but I was thinking prom or wedding!
The necklace was strung with two wires and the pendant portion was made using two fine head pins and attaching to the center of the necklace portion. The bicone beads are Swarovski as well as the blue crystal in the square beads. I also used quite a few sterling Bali beads too.
Have you figured out yet that I really like Bali beads? It's true they are an old stand by. I also made a matching bracelet. Enjoy and leave a comment! If you have a question, please ask. More name writing coming soon at the same bat time on the same bat channel! Who remembers this TV show?

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