Friday, September 7, 2007

How to choose the right or wrong side of basket reed

I know that I have not written much on basket weaving thus far so I will try and remedy that problem very soon. It has been too hot in my weaving spot to get much accomplished. The reed dries out so quickly in the heat that it makes weaving a challenge!
I have been scouring web sites on this topic to try and bring you some fantastic material but instead I have picked up viruses on some of those sites so I can’t recommend them to you. Instead I have found a little tutorial on how to weave a small basket with round reed that you may be interested in looking at here.
If you have never woven a basket before and want to learn how, then take a class if one is ever offered in your area. Hands on, with a good instructor in the room is really the best way to get your feet wet! Make sure you start with a simple basket. You want your first experience to be pleasant and feel as though you have accomplished something. If you can’t find a class to attend than start with a good instructional book. The Basket Book is just one of those that I would recommend. There is a copy on eBay right now that is very inexpensive. Once you understand the basics than you can branch out and buy individual patterns or booklets and should be able to tackle just about anything!

Beginner Tip- Did you know that there is a right and wrong side of reed? Here is how to figure out which side to face to the outside as you weave. Soak the piece of reed in water for about 20 minutes and then bend it across your index finger as shown. The right side will be smoother than the wrong side. See how the reed splinters in this photo? This is the wrong side of the reed and should be placed to the inside. Each time you pick up a soaked piece of reed you must do this before weaving it into your project for a professional look!

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