Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Name Writing Jewelry

I have been learning how to create wire name and initial jewelry recently. It was popular during the 1940's while our Military was off at war. I will tell you now that it takes a great deal of practice and because they are handmade, no two pieces are alike. I purchased a video set and learned that each name is created differently and there is not a specific way to create a name because it depends on what type of jewelry you are making. A pin may begin and end differently than a pendant. There is some trial and error involved and it is not something you will learn overnight. With that said however, I have had fun and sometimes have been frustrated during the learning process.
If this is something you are interested in learning, then surf on over to wire-sculpture.com and check it out. If you need very specific instructions to create each name then don't make the investment. However, if you are creative and can figure things out with general guidance then this might be just the course for you. I will be sharing pieces with you in the near future and you can decide if it is something that you're interested in learning. Most of all remember to practice, practice, practice!
This is a piece that I created for a nurse/friend of mine as a thank you and get well. It was formed with #20 half hard round sterling silver. The pin, name and catch were formed from a single length of wire. The heart charm was created separately and then added to the piece. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo. It was taken at night and reflections were a problem. Then it was packed up to be given away so it is the only halfway decent photo that I have. Stay tuned for even more decorative pieces. It is amazing at the number of different pieces that can be created. Enjoy!


dasimonds said...

You are extremely Talented..
Truely Gifted...
That looks pretty professional to me! A FIVE STAR !!
Thanks for sharing.

Shannon McGann said...

This is just beautiful. What a gift you have! I'm sure your friend will love it.

consxavier said...

nice wirename.Thanks for sharing your creativity. I agree with your opinion, it's important to practice, practice and practice! I did mine by looking at pics from the internet as my reference..and tried bending names on my own. The cheapest way to learn wirename...:)


Writing a Research Paper said...
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