Friday, September 14, 2007

Pin with attitude!

Okay, okay! I know I have to stop taking photos at night. The reflection with the flash is too much to handle but I just couldn't wait to show off my latest pin. It is so easy to make! Can't you just see this on a denim jacket or a blazer? The beads are sterling silver, royal blue glass, navy blue glass and topaz blue glass. The navy blue beads look black in this photo. I will see about getting a better photo later after I make several different colors and I'll post those so that you may have a better appreciation of this piece.
The Movement of this piece is wonderful! The beads sparkle and catch the light. The added bonus is the sound of the beads. It was a lot of fun to make and just as much fun to wear. It is made from a single length of round 20 gauge half hard sterling silver wire on a wire jig. Use a medium large peg at the center and begin bending the piece from the center and work your way out. Be sure to leave one side about 3 1/2 inches longer than the other to form the spring and pin with. Once it is taken off of the jig you will want to form the spring by making several circles. Use your flush cutters and snip the end to a point and sharpen to a clean point. (I will be showing other photos soon that show how this is done.) I twisted the center loop one time to add a bit of strength and interest before I added the beads. You will also want to form your hook on the opposite side to finish the body of the pin. Note that this would also be pretty done with twisted square wire for a filigree look. I picked some up today and can't wait to play! Harden the wire with a hammer and then polish or tumble polish to harden and polish in one step. Next it is time to have fun mixing and matching the beads. Once you have a pleasing pattern then attach beads and have fun wearing!


Peggy Maier said...

I keep looking at all your beautiful creations, wishing I could do that! This pin is simply gorgeous! One of these days I will purchase the supplies I need & get started... in the meantime I can enjoy your blog!

Ijsbeer said...

wow so beautiful! Stunning. I just got a bunch of jewellery supplies but forgot 1)jumprings and the headpins I orded where too small so I have to wait a little bit until I can get started properly. I cannot wait to make my friends and sister birthday and christmas presents:)

Paula said...

Thanks ladies for your comments! It is good to know that someone is reading the blog. I just wanted to let ijsbeer know that she can make headpins and clasps with wire. Jump rings will need to be purchased. I will address this in future blog posts.

rebecca said...

This is another gorgeous piece! You never disappoint with your beautiful creations -- no matter what the medium. Keep 'em coming!


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