Thursday, December 27, 2007

Victorian Dining Room

We don't have a whole lot of the history about the house at the moment but will be getting more info from the current homeowners. They have done a bit of that work. We do know that the house was built in the 1880s and there is a photo of it being built that was published in the local newspaper. There is another photo that was taken right after the house was completed. It was used on brochures to try and get the English to cross the pond and settle this area. I'll post those when I get a copy of them. It may take some time.
I have gotten a few photos of the interior and I'll be sharing those with you over the next few weeks so that you may get a glimpse of how great this home will be.
This first photo shows the first floor room on the side of the house. This is the dining room. See the angle of the windows and the architectural details on the exterior? Won't that be great painted out in a bunch of color? The second floor room is the master bedroom. It looks out over part of the garden and the neighbor's house. They also have a Victorian that has been painted out and looks great. They run a B&B from their home.

The second photo was taken in the dining room. Notice the wonderful woodwork and the angled windows at the far end of the room. Four windows create a bay type area. I have been told that the chandelier came out of an embassy in Washington D.C. I don't have any documentation to this effect but will do some research to see what I can come up with.
This third photo is the opposite end of the room. The fireplace and built in oak china cabinet are really great. Look at all that wainscotting too! This door leads to the entry hall. Can you believe it? The entry hall is a separate room! I am so glad to have been collecting Victorian furniture and decorations over the years. It will be fun to put them into this house. We will close on it in several weeks and then we can begin rennovations.


Rose said...

Your new home is so beautiful.

Becky said...

This home is just beautiful, what a blessing.


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