Thursday, January 24, 2008

Snowmen Time

As I sit and watch the giant snowflakes fall to the ground, I think it is appropriate to discuss these cute little snowmen earrings. They are made with Swarovski beads and sterling silver ear wires. The body is made from faceted alabaster beads and the hat consists of a cube and a squardella. So simple, so cute and so easy! They make great gifts too!
These earrings are light weight compared to most of the other earrings that I design and I have found that rubber stops are a must for these. One day the blue pair came out of my ear 4 times! Happy beading!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Iridescent Cubes

These cubes are such pretty beads with their iridescent Mother of Pearl coating. Use a simple headpin with two clear sead beads, two cap beads and two cubes. So simple and easy. This design has sold very well and I have made these in several different colors. Happy beading!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sea of Blue

Yes I have been in the blue bead box again! Why? Well, blue goes with jeans and it is a color that I wear often. This little bracelet was made by stringing beads on stainless steel coated wire and using crimp beads to finish. I like this because of the difference in shape and texture. The dark blue beads have been etched and topped with sterling cap beads. The cube beads are clear and white floral millifiori beads. These remind me of a hologram and look so cool when the light hits them. Happy Beading!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Heart Dangle for Valentine's Day

I thought that I would let you see some of the new designs I used for Christmas sales. The idea for these came from my daughter. She came up with the original design and then I added to that and came up with this. They would make great gifts for Valentine's Day too!
Begin by placing 22 gauge wire on a jig with two medium pegs and one small peg. Loosely form half of the heart and use round nose pliers to make a loop in the point of the heart. Leave a bit extra on the end to loop and close the heart. Continue on the jig and make a bend at 90 degrees and continue on to make the three small loops with the round nose pliers. End by doubling up on the last loop so that the earrings will be secure on the ear wires. The teardrops were wired with 28 gauge wire and attached with an s style hook. The center beads were also applied with an s hook. If you want a long dangle type earring with a lot of movement, this is the earring for you. Happy Beading!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Beaded Hair Thingie

I found the pattern for this on the Fire Mountain Gems site back in 2004. It is called The Beaded Hair Thingie that Jody Foster wore in Contact. With a name like that, I thought it was worth a try. I have made several using wire and some using thread. In my opinion, the thread does not hold up as well as using nylon coated stainless steel wire. The added bonus is that you don't need to use needles.
I used a wooden chopstick which has been cut down and sanded down as the hair stick. Painting the stick would be a nice touch also. Apply several coats of acrylic paint and then finish with a clear coat.
I would recommend making this in a single color the first time around. If that goes well then try adding a pattern or use multi colored beads if you like. Go ahead and give it a try! You may find the pattern here. Happy beading!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Decor

This little project was given to me by another Stampin' Up! demonstrator at our weekend crop event. I thought is was really cute but had not gotten around to posting about it. Using double sided paper is a must. You could also use solid color paper and stamp a different pattern on each side. If you stamp your own pattern, remember to stamp on the edge of the paper to make the paper look like it was machine printed. Stamp a small motif, use a couple of punches, decorative scissors, a brad and a bit of ribbon and you have one easy and quick project. Use them as Christmas ornaments or hang on a doorknob and fill with artificial greens! They would make wonderful party favors too. If you are like me, you'll need to start now to get a jump on next year.


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