Friday, March 7, 2008

Creative Cropping Spaces

Have you walked into your creative space recently and decided it was too messy to create anything? Take a rainy spring afternoon and get to organizing your space. This post should give you just the inspiration you need to purge and organize your things. I have been collecting information about how other croppers design and use their cropping spaces. I am now pleased to show you these beautiful spaces.
Check out It's All About the Journey blog and how this design team member has transformed her space into a pleasant place to be.
Next we have Korie's fabulous site. Check out all of the beautiful altered items that has posted on her site. Is this an inspiring space or what?
Nichole Heady has things organized and a storage solution for everything in her paper crafting space.
Last but not least there is the blog at Well Said Cards.


dasimonds said...

Awesome sites...
Great cropping spaces..
great storage ideas.
Thanks for sharing.

Kelley said...

Wow! I have organizing on my "to do" list but now I have a new standard. Thanks for the links I am sure I will be back to visit them more than once.

Home Broker said...
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