Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Heart Dangle for Valentine's Day

I thought that I would let you see some of the new designs I used for Christmas sales. The idea for these came from my daughter. She came up with the original design and then I added to that and came up with this. They would make great gifts for Valentine's Day too!
Begin by placing 22 gauge wire on a jig with two medium pegs and one small peg. Loosely form half of the heart and use round nose pliers to make a loop in the point of the heart. Leave a bit extra on the end to loop and close the heart. Continue on the jig and make a bend at 90 degrees and continue on to make the three small loops with the round nose pliers. End by doubling up on the last loop so that the earrings will be secure on the ear wires. The teardrops were wired with 28 gauge wire and attached with an s style hook. The center beads were also applied with an s hook. If you want a long dangle type earring with a lot of movement, this is the earring for you. Happy Beading!


Rosella said...

These are amazing! I think I need to start beeding!

Anonymous said...

So sweet.... handmade Valentines' day gift is a great idea.


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