Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where is This Old House when you need them?

The major renovation is about to take place! The architect is on board. The general contractors will be ready to go the beginning of March. The floor re-finisher has given us a bid and we should be ready to get started, right? I don't think so! We have been trying to have a mason come and look at our chimneys and 7 fireplaces. Finally after nearly 2 months, he makes it out to have a look. He told us he builds new fireplaces and doesn't want to do the work. That would be fine if there were other craftsmen within a one and a half hour drive who were qualified to tackle the job.
Now what?....... We have a wonderful example of Victorian architecture with original woodwork, original stained glass windows and fireplaces. It is a home with historical presence. It has great bones but is a far cry from reaching it's full potential without a proper mason. Where is This Old House when you need them?
Enjoy a photo I snapped in the parlor before the previous owner moved out. I can't wait to get to that ceiling molding and strip it to get the detail of the wood to pop! Yes those are 9 foot pocket doors off to the right. Can you just see the house decorated in period style? Oh to dream and imagine!! Oh right, I better get back to stripping wallpaper and woodwork. Hmmph....reality sets in.

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Rose said...

I have an idea. Why not try contacting HGTV and see if they would like to come and help with some of the redo of your home. They might have a program that would be interested...
How much does your neighbor charge for her bed and breakfast?


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