Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Eggs have been cracked and the Omlet is underway!

Our contractors arrived in early March to work on the house. The first day they wanted to find out why the windows in the sun room were sagging. Our intention was to add much needed bath rooms over the sun room. After removing the exterior siding, it was apparent that the sun room had to be removed and rebuilt.
As you can see, this wall lacks jack studs. Okay, it really lacks a stud of any kind. Can you find one continuous 2x4 going in the vertical direction within those windows? See that 2x4 running horizontally under the windows? Well that is not holding the roof up. This is a load bearing wall that lacks the proper support. What were they thinking!!! The vinyl siding was installed improperly and water leaked down this wall and rotted it out. The 2x4s were mush and we were one good storm from having a collapsed wall.

The room was demolished and we started over. It was a good thing since we found the end of the floor joists were also rotted out. That would have been okay if new joists had been scabbed in for support. Some of the sub floor was also rotted out and instead of replacing it, someone decided to use sheets of tin to cover the holes. Do you get the picture that craftsmanship and proper building techniques had been thrown by the wayside? The front porch roof had been repaired in the same manner and needless to say, we tore part of that off and made the proper repairs.

The new foundation was brought out flush with the house so that there will not be inside corners to collect water and rot. It will look as if it were part of the original house instead of a back porch that has been converted. We removed a door and a window to allow for more wall space. We needed room for our furniture to fit on the walls. This is not a large room and having two doors in it just didn't make sense. We installed all double hung windows also. There were 3 solid windows that did not open. Hum... a sun room with windows that don't open, lack of air flow and ventilation... That didn't make sense to us either so we changed it.

The back of the addition will sport a new covered porch soon. It really needs the added details to dress up the architecture on the back of the house. It is a bit plain for a grand Victorian. The new foundation will be covered in a historically correct brick which will be laid in a historically correct pattern. We are still waiting on the brick to arrive. It has been delayed and we are getting tired of waiting!

That double window on the second floor is the smallest bedroom. To increase this space, we have added a dressing room and bath. The window on the rear of the house now becomes a doorway into the dressing room and the dressing room leads to the new bath.

The guest room on the second floor will have a bath down the hall in this addition too. It would have been nice to have a bath attached to the guest bedroom but to do that, we would have lost part of our second floor landing and the balcony. It just isn't worth it! We wanted to keep the balcony and the beautiful architecture.

Early in the homes existence, it was painted green. We have gone back to similar colors. The body of the house will be a bit darker than the tinted primer coat you see here. I have been prepping the new exterior wood over the last few weeks. That is why there has been little creativity in the stamping and cropping department. Enjoy!

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