Friday, June 6, 2008

Half cooked eggs

Well since we cracked the eggs to make the omlet, the eggs are only half cooked at this point. We do have a rear porch now and things are coming along at a slow pace. Many of the new exterior trim pieces are being made on site since milled trim is much different today than it was 118 years ago. We have also been waiting for more green flashing to be manufactured. It was ordered three or four weeks ago and we only received 1/3 of the order. We can finish the trim and install the upper window when the flashing comes in. Hopefully that will be next week. Some of the plaster ceilings are being removed because they are coming loose and I would hate to have the ceiling come crashing down on me! Hope to have the drywall contractor arrive in a week or two!

1 comment:

mimihas5 said...

I love Victorian homes. I wish you all the best with your home renovations. I'm sure that it will be beautiful when your finished.



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