Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blog Celebration

Well the old blog hit the 10,000 visitor mark a week or so ago and I have been too busy to write about it until now. I think this nice round number calls for a bit of blog candy. After all, it took forever to get to this point! I began blogging about 21 months ago and I didn't know if anyone was really reading this until I joined the blogger group. Thank you ladies for all of your visits and kind comments. So how about some jewelry for the blog candy? I thought these little babies would be nice to kick off the holiday season. They are made from Swarovski crystal and sterling silver. Technically the hat band of the snowman is a silver plated Swarovski bead. Did I mention that I am attracted to bright shiny objects. Here's the deal! I will send the winner one pair of earrings. The winner gets to choose which pair. This is what you need to do to win the candy.....

Just leave a comment on this blog post and critique this blog.
1.You must state at least one positive
2. and one negative about this blog to win. (constructive criticisms please)
3.Get a second chance to win if you post this blog candy on your blog. Just leave me a message with the exact link to your post and I'll check out your blog and enter your name a second time. Sending me to your home page doesn't count!

This is open to US and Canadian residents only! You may enter to win 11-16-08 through 11-22-08.

The winner will be chosen the old fashioned way by pulling a name out of a hat by my daughter! It is so much fun for us to do draw the winner together. I will post the winner as soon as possible but give me a little time. I'll be out having surgery and may not be feeling well so it may take me a few days to post. Don't forget to check back to see if you have won!

Several people have asked if I sell my jewelry. The answer is yes, as a fund raiser. If you don't win but would like to have a pair, they are available for purchase. I make these babies to raise money for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. All of my jewelry is sold for this event. I cover the cost of my materials and donate the rest for this cause. Just contact me if you are interested. They make great gifts. I forgot to mention that the snowmen are also available with black hats. Thanks for stopping by!


Jennifer Scull said...

I love your earrings! they are just precious! I have a thing about lovely earrings, so yours are quite appealing to me! :)

as far as positives, I like the fact that you show both papercrafting projects and your earrings. But I truly can't think of any constructive criticism for you. it's all good! and how wonderful that you donate your profits! way cool!

Congrats on the MANY hits!

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful why you make your beautiful jewelry. Congrats on the hits! Your blog is great...there is nothing wrong with your creativity.

Heidi said...

Hey girl, thanks for posting about my blog candy and cards for a cause.
I love the earrings too! WOW- such a talented lady. I have a pair like the snowman so a pair like the trees would be wonderful to win! Fingers crossed.
As for the comments:
Positive- well you already know I LOVE your work and love to see it.
Constructive- give us a picture so we can see what the beautiful woman that makes all the beautiful goodies looks like!

Gina said...

Wow, love the earrings, especially the snowmen!

I love the fact that you have a mix of creative things on your blog. Can't think of a negative, you have great pictures and your blog is easy to read!

Katy said...

Very cute earrings. I love it!

katy scs grp

Conni said...

these are very cute, do you sell your stuff, or is it just for personal enjoyment??

Tiffany Bauer said...

Super cute earrings!!! And congrats on all the hits. I know what you mean about wondering if anyone is reading our little ole blogs!!!
Postive about your blog-you have great pictures of your great work.
Negative-We NEED to see who you are so post a pic of yourself!!

croppixie said...

Your earings are SUPER cute!! And it's awesome you post a variety of things, it keeps things interesting. Besides your multi-talented and it would be a shame for the rest of the world not to see it. Keep sharing, and I'll keep be inspired.


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