Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little Relaxation!

Our house and my daughter's basketball schedule have kept me busy this winter and away from my crafts so I thought it was time to give you another glimpse of This Old House before and after. I neglected to take photos of the original bathroom before demolition began so here we are in mid renovation and a couple of missing walls. Below that green and white tile is the original one inch porcelain tile embedded in a 4 inch thick layer of concrete. We had no idea the concrete was beneath there! It took a jack hammer and some skilled contractors to gently remove the floor without damaging anything on the first floor below. I wasn't able to find porcelain tile to replace the old floor, so I did a little research to see what I could come up with as an alternate floor. This web site was quite helpful along with numerous tours of the Biltmore House over the years. We decided to go with 12 inch marble tiles and laid them on the diagonal to visually expand the space and then used a border just as the Victorians may have done. That wooden wainscot is original except that it was stained instead of painted, in the begining. We reproduced this to use in the renovation and stained it so it would look much like it did the year the house was built. It's great to have a spouse who can work with wood. He still needs to make the cap rail for the wainscot and some trim for the doors and windows before this room is complete. Before, the room felt a bit like a bowling alley with all of the fixtures down one wall. The room dimensions of 5'x14' left enough room to get by one fixture to the next and not much room for anything else.
This bath served as the only bath in the house in 1890 so we redesigned it and turned it into the master bath while adding two more baths in the new addition. This means that each bedroom on
the second floor now has its own bath and the plumbing now belongs in this century.
The original tub was in good shape so we sent it out for a face lift and it now resides in the guest bathroom. It was too long to use in the master renovation so we bought a new, shorter cast iron tub with a Victorian shower and faucet. We also opted for the British telephone style hand held shower unit that comes in handy for rinsing hair and cleaning the tub. I don't need to go to a spa to relax. I just draw a hot bath and read right here! What do you do to relax after a long day?

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