Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ohio State vs The Lion

I know this is a bit off topic for my blog but it is a good story and there is a photo of myself in this post. Some of you have given me grief about seeing a photo so here it is. You may also scroll down on my blog page and find a photo of myself with Tigger at Disney. Here's the story...

My husband attended Penn State and I attended Ohio State so we get competitive around football season and hang our school flags outside during this time. I give him grief over Penn State now being part of the Big Ten Conference and call it the Big Eleven. What's that all about anyway? How did they horn in on the Big Ten? There's nothing like keeping a rivalry going.

It just happens that I have a good friend from Ohio State that I keep in touch with and we visit regularly. She (Elaine) and her husband (Eli) visited a few months ago and came bearing gifts of Ohio State T shirts for everyone. Of course my husband grimaced a bit but still was able to enjoy a shirt from a school with a good football team.
At Christmas, gifts arrive from this same friend and there were three squishy presents included. One for each member of the family. We thought it might be Ohio State shirts again and that made my daughter and I content. Christmas Eve arrives and we open our gifts one at a time beginning with the youngest and ending with the oldest. My daughter opens her squishy package and it is an Penn State shirt. Hmm..... something is awry.
I open my presents next and my squishy package is also a Nittany Lion. We all howled! What was up with my friend Elaine? Was she undermining her own school? How could this be?
Next, my husband opened his squishy package and you guessed it. Blue and white was in the house all around! It's obvious that Elaine and Eli are equal opportunity gift givers!


Scrubbysue said...

Hahahahaha...I love it. Great sense of humor and cute story! That'll be a topic for some time to come huh? lol Great pic of you btw! TFS!

Gina said...

Funny story, TFS!

Dru said...

Hi Paula, just dropping by to say Hi and what great pics, thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Very funny :)


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