Monday, April 13, 2009

The Basket Master

I just wanted to take a minute and share with you a blog that I have been reading lately. It is a basket weaving blog called Basketmaster's Weavings and is written by Nancy Jacobs in New Mexico. If my blog were dedicated strictly to weaving it would be similar to this blog. Nancy offers free patterns and video instruction on the basics of weaving. She also teaches weaving classes so if you are in the Albequerque area you need to look her up.
This is a photo of her selling baskets at a show and getting a little weaving in to boot. I have been inspired by her blog to get back to some of my weaving. In fact, I have a chair seat that needs new cane so you may see that in the near future. Good luck to you Nancy with your blog and I'll be there reading along! Wish we lived in closer to one another so that we could have a few weaving sessions together. It's always more fun when you can chat with someone while weaving.
Now scoot and go see what Nancy has to offer!


MollyD said...

her blog is great - but so is yours!

Jennifer Scull said...

this is one of those things I wish I did, as I love baskets soooooo much! I'm in awe of anyone who can master this craft.
have a great day! :)

Dru said...

Hi Paula - Love the brayered card you did - it's so pretty. Basket weaving is one of those things I've never tried but always thought it most wonderful

Barkley's Mommy said...

Hi! I'm new to basket weaving (I wove my first basket in January), but I've completed eight projects since then! I'm also new to your site, but I love it and will be returning often, as I also enjoy making jewlery :-)

I am very blessed to have the amazing Nancy Jacobs as my basket weaving teacher, my mentor, and my friend! Her blog is awesome. If you have questions on weaving, or want her to address a certain topic on her blog, simply post a comment on her site, or send her an e-mail. She'll publish an answer or tutorial within a day or two.

Have a blessed day~

Gina said...

I am wanting to learn to do this. I will have to check out her blog. TFS

Karen from PA said...

You mean you weave, too. You are so stinkin talented. I hope to see some pics soon of some things you have made.

Sara said...

very cool

Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster said...

A huge thank you for such a nice write up about my blog. You've inspired me to do the same for others once or twice a month. I have a couple of people lined up right now, but I'd love to feature your blog in a month. Also, thank you for your kind words about my videos. That really means so much to me.


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