Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peace and Harmony

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I posted a few pictures of my creative space and entitled the post 'Cyclone Alert'? Let's go back to those photos and look at the before and after. This is a photo of the same corner but now the chest of drawers has been moved to the back wall and an armoire has been brought in to house a lot of things behind closed doors. This piece of furniture solved a lot of my problems and all I need to do is open the doors and sit down beside of it and most things will be within easy reach.

The table still has a lot on it because these are the things I use constantly. The SU! ink pad caddy revolves so I can easily find what I need. The other inks are sitting on a lazy susan so that they are easy to get to also. You can see that I no longer need to keep the doors of the bookcase open because my stamps have a new home. This now houses embellishments, paper and finished projects. Just look at the fireplace mantle! I no longer need to use it for storage. I use it to showcase finished work.
Now I don't feel so tense when I walk into this space because my supplies now have a home without flooding my table. Stay tuned if you want a closer peek. I am working on a video tour that should post in a few weeks. Are you wondering how I can work in a room that has been painted this dark red? I'll discuss how I work around that issue since this is a temporary creative space.

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Becky said...

Doesnt feel great when everything is in its place!! That is how I keep my work corner, because when it is a mess, I can not be creative.

Gina said...

Paula, your space looks great. I have loved seeing pics of the before and after.

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Looks great - love the before and after pics!!

Scrubbysue said...

wow! it looks fantastic!! I'm sure THAT'S a weight off of your shoulders huh? congrats!!


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