Monday, July 20, 2009

Class Alert and Fellowship

This post is a sticky and will remain at the top of the page for several weeks. Please scroll down to see the latest post! I have had a lot of people tell me that they want to get into scrapbooking but don't know where to start so I have devised a plan to get you started. My motive is to form a women's group that can share their lives with one another and come together for fellowship! Once you get the hang of it we hope you will be able to attend our monthly crop/craft night held at Pump Springs Church. This is free to anyone who wishes to come. We usually pitch in $5 and order pizza so we don't have to worry about dinner that night. You may also bring your own sandwich if you don't want pizza. It's just a great night to get together as women!Let me tell you a bit about what I have in mind and how this will work. We will be making this calendar over a period of several months to showcase different tools, materials and techniques used in scrapbooking. You will be taught by two different instructors who will show you many of the ins and outs of the scrapping world. Some of you are thinking that you can't make it to that many classes and that's alright. As long as you order a calendar for the first class, you can take all or some of the classes as your schedule allows. If you miss a class, you may obtain a kit and complete it later or come up with your own design. It's up to you!

The calender is spiral bound and the scrapbook page that you create can be torn off to form a book at the end of the year. We will also make a companion page for each month of the calendar so you have a complete 2 page layout! The month isn't quite complete yet on this one but you will do that in class. I don't want to give everything away right now. You need something to look forward to in class! We'll make these pages for the first class and also talk about cutting systems and adhesives. These pages were made using several different cutting systems! Can you figure out which ones? We'll talk about the pros and cons of these systems and let you try your hand at using them.By the time we are finished with all of these classes, you will know a great deal about, paper, card stock, embellishments, how to make your own embellishments, die cutting machines, inks, stamps and soooo much more. Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to crease paper according to how it is manufactured and the tools you use to create a crease?You may or may not be in love with every layout that we create but this is a learning experience that will expose you to many materials that are available on the market. It's always great to try things before you buy so get signed up for this class ASAP!Contact me for the details! See you in class!
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Deb said...

What a wonderful idea Paula! I'm not in the area, but think this is a great ministry idea.

Gina said...

I love that idea Paula, what a great idea to show people all of the techniques and products that are out there.


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