Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nina's Award

This award came from Nina! Can you believe it? I have been reading Nina's Blog for a few months now. She has a lot of talent and it shows! She is a new stamp designer for GinaK and also designs digi papers as well as digi stamps. You can find Nina on several stamping message boards across cyber space. She has a tendency to give designs away now and again so don't miss out on the fun! Thanks Nina!

“This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s opinion, brilliant.” I don't think my blog is brilliant but I do appreciate you visiting and leaving all of the wonderful comments. You are very kind!

The conditions of this award are:
I must thank the person who gave me the award, list their blog and link to it
I must list ten (10) honest things about myself
I must put a copy of The Honest Scrap Logo on my blog
I must select at least seven (7) other worthy bloggers & list their links
I must notify the bloggers of the award

10 Honest Things About Me …….

1. Like Nina, I too am a Christian saved by grace and thank God for the everything he has given to me!
2. I really like crafts! You probably already knew that.
3. I prefer Lemon or Chocolate pie for my birthday instead of cake!
4. I like antiques and enjoy going "junkin" as we call it.
5. I spend toooo much time on the computer reading blogs and message boards.
6. I enjoy spending time with friends.
7. I read constantly. Blogs, magazines, technical material but I don't read many books. I enjoy a good mystery when I find the time.
8. I'm definitely a do it yourself type of person.
9. I like to travel.
10. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.

I'd like to give this award to:
1. Beth
5. Cindy
6. Dawn
7. Marcelle

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Scrubbysue said...

congratulations paula!

BethH said...

Oh, Paula! I'm so honored to join the ranks of you and the other sweet bloggers who have gotten this award! LOVE your site...I will be here often!!!!

Sue Daly said...

Thank you Paula. I am honored!!


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