Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Gift card Purse

This little number has been on my desk for months! Okay if truth be known it may actually have been a couple of years ago but I just didn't have the mojo to turn it into something cute until now. You see those burgundy stripes on the purse that are shiny? Well, I used crystal effects to get that shine but I brushed it on and when it dried it was streaked. I applied more crystal effects with a brush and got a better look but it was still a bit streaked. Word to the wise is to pipe that stuff on straight from the bottle and forget about a brush. Live and learn I guess! Anyway, I picked this up and finished it a few weeks ago and I am happy with the results. The materials used were from Stampin' Up! except for the ribbon and some of the card stock and I have had them so long that I have no idea who manufactured anything.


Jennifer Scull said...

isn't that so pretty?! love how it turned out!

also, be cautious when going directly from the CE bottle as sometimes it just blurbs all over the place and you end up adding CE to places you didn't eally intend to highlight....... ask me how I know! wink wink wink!!! I've learned to squeeze an amt. onto my scratch paper and apply it with a toothpick to whatever I am highlighting. no more 'oops' moments. well...... maybe just not as many....... :D

NinaB said...

This is beautiful, Paula. My girls would love it. Have a blessed day.


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