Friday, October 16, 2009

Punched Aster

I sit here to compose posts for the week on a cold and rainy day with Irish melodies gently flowing down into the library. My daughter is on the second floor landing playing her Clarke Penny Whistle and it is such a wonderful sound to hear. Lately she has been spending a great deal of time practicing her piano, penny whistle and violin. My husband and I sit back and enjoy. All those years of piano lessons has paid off quite well as our daughter has embraced music. The acoustics in this house are very good so it is a real treat when she begins to play.

Now let's get to the heart of this post. As you can see, I have been on a punch frenzy creating all sorts of flowers lately. I decide one day to see what types of flowers I could come up with and all sorts of ideas came to mind. So many that I didn't have time that day to try everything that I had thought up. Maybe I'll get the chance to try this exercise again in the future. For now take a look at this Aster. I began with a one inch circle as the base and then punched 14 large ovals in rose red CS. I then sponged from the center out with rose red ink and began to glue these down to the center circle and overlapped each petal by about half all the way around. Next I punched 20 small ovals, sponged those and glued them down around the center like the first row. Let that dry and add a 3/4 inch punched circle which has been stamped and a pop dot added as in this post. I gave extra attention to this one and glittered the center with Barbara Trombley's ultra
fine Lemone glitter. This is some of the best glitter I have ever used! The leaves were cut using
my Cuttle Bug and the Sweetest Stem embosslit die from Stampin' Up!



Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Wow...I can just picture such a beautiful, serene scene. Good for your daughter that she has a gift that will keep on giving in her life for years to come.

This is beautiful paula. your so creative!

Anonymous said...

Wow Paula, 29 ovals? You have patience GF and the pay off is so worth it. It is beautiful!!


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