Sunday, January 31, 2010

Storage Solutions

I recently took a trip to visit friends and family and I took my jewelry making supplies with me. These supplies are stored in a plastic tote box and a cardboard box. The tote holds things like my wire, jewelry bags and tools while the cardboard box housed 9 containers of bead boxes like this one on the left. Needless to say, this took up a great deal of space. While shopping on this recent trip, I found a Container Store which had these smaller boxes (right). I thought they would solve some of my bulk issues with my bead storage and they did!
The new boxes are so much smaller and much more portable. This was a great solution for me since I tend to work on jewelry while I am travelling or watching my DD ball games. I can work on projects in the car and during half time while the new containers take up half the space of the old ones. One of the other things I do when storing my beads is keep the manufacturer and price of the beads in with each type of bead. This makes it easy to place a new order and price finished product without looking for an invoice.
I won't let the larger boxes go to waste since I need better and more organized storage of hardware around my home. I am constantly wasting time looking for washers, nails, screws and cup hooks. These little babies should fill the bill quite nicely for all of those odds and ends. I will also be able to see through the boxes for a quick search instead of looking high and low for one little piece of hardware. Now the big question about this is..... Will my family put things away where they found them so that the hardware stays organized? Ah well, even the best laid plans hit a snag or two!
If you have a handy way to store your beads or hardware, share them here. I have an inquiring mind and want to know what solutions you use.

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