Saturday, March 6, 2010

Showcase Saturday- Sandra's Fabo Space-One more time!

Okay, I know some of you actually saw this post already but here's the deal.  I updated software and the beautiful photos of Sandra's space were not published properly in the post.  I wanted to play this post again so that everyone has a chance to see it and because I have not had any suggestions about anyone else to showcase. I want you to tell me where you spend your precious time reading other blogs and why.
This will be the very first post for a new feature here at Crop Notes and crafts. I call it Showcase Saturday and you are going to love it! On Saturday when I post, I'll tell you about a wonderful blog or creative space that I have found and want to share with you. It will also give you a chance to see crafts that some talented people are creating. I'm giddy with excitement about this first showcase.

Do you see this wonderful room that Sandra has? I'll tell you a secret. This is her creative space and it isn't in her house. This is her shed! Yes you read that correctly....I said her shed. It no longer houses tools and what not. Just look at these before and after photos. I was so impressed when I saw this that I had to tell you about it.

There are tons of photos for you to see of this transformation and I'll tell you where you can drool later in the post. First let me tell you a bit about Sandra and let you read a question and answer session that took place. Sandra lives in Australia and saw this shed for the jewel that it was. With a lot of hard work and elbow grease this DIY woman has transformed her storage space into a dream space! She says that some people don't think she actually scraps here but she really does and her work is just as fabulous as her room design sense. In fact, it is so good that she was chosen as one of the 2006 Scrapbooking Memories Masters. She made the top 15 list in Australia and was competing for a piece of the $35,000.00 worth of prizes.
I like the fact that Sandra took inexpensive pieces of furniture with character and gave them a face lift. Often times I see broken down pieces of furniture and snatch them up. People wonder why in the world I would ever want those things but like Sandra, I see the diamond in the rough.
Here is what Sandra had to say about the cost savings by buying this way and not using the typical crop and craft storage units....
"The room cost me far less than the 'cookie cutter' ( I like that term) store bought storage units would have cost, in fact ALL the furniture excluding the dining suite cost me HALF of what just one of those big square IKEA cube units was going to cost, so that was out as I would have needed several of them.... and the dining suite although looks very expensive, it wasn't, it was an EBAY bargain and I see lots of comments from people saying that they wouldn't be game to scrap on that table, but in fact if I had of bought those cheap plastic folding tables and the cheapest plastic chairs I could find they would have cost me an awful lot more than what the dining suite actually cost, so as you can see it really was a budget room as far as the furniture goes."
Question: Sandra, your space is amazing! What motivated you to take this type of a project on?
Answer: Desperation to have a 'girly' place to retreat to away from the boys, I only have males living at home now and I wanted a nice relaxing place to retreat to while the house is being done up, it's very old and is in very bad condition, so it is nice to run away to the shed, at least something is finished .
Question: Did you have any prior experience?
Answer: No, just years of doing up old houses....I promised myself after the last one, 'no more' but I just wasn't comfortable in a new house.
Question: Does your design sense come naturally or do you have formal design experience?
Answer: No, none at all.
Question: Many of us have a folder full of beautiful rooms that we have cut from the pages of magazines to inspire us when we design our living spaces. Did you have a folder that inspired you to design your creative space?
Answer: A folder on my computer of beautiful scraprooms I have seen on the internet, but the shed just took on a life of it's own and I just followed it along and didn't end up using any of the ideas I saw.
Question: How long did it take to collect all of the pieces for your creative space?
Answer: About 5 years, a bit here and a bit there and had them stored at so many different places I ended up forgetting what I had and ended up with too much stuff, either that or the shed wasn't as big as I thought it was...LOL
Question: How long did it take to refurbish all of the pieces?
Answer: Weeks and I couldn't start until the shed was finished because I had no where to put the finished items, so I had to paint something, wait for it to dry and then put it in the shed and then move on to the next piece.
Question: Did you put pen to paper to design the space or work from your head with trial and error?
Answer: It was total trial and error, as I said I had far too much stuff so I had to choose what I wanted most and if it fitted it stayed and if it didn't fir then it had to go, my daughters claimed a lot of things that they turned their noses up when I first got them before they were done up.
Question: You obviously put a great deal of time and effort into this project. Is there anything that you would change if given the chance?
Answer: Well I have already changed the table and chairs from a round one to a large rectangle that seats 8 comfortably to scrap at and I really wanted to put a little lounge in there that I made out of a cot but it just wouldn't fit, but really I am thinking I will have to make it fit so something else has to go, just haven't worked out what yet, I will eventually get it right.
Question: What advice do you have for someone who wants to design their craft space on a budget?
Answer: You just have to be VERY patient and haunt the op shops, garage sales, auctions etc and remember the stuff doesn't have to match but if you give it all a coat of the same colour paint you will be amazed at how good it all looks.
Sandra thank you so much for allowing me to showcase your space here on my blog. I am very inspired by all of your work! Now for the moment that you have all been waiting for......drum roll please! Go visit Sandra on her blog and please tell her I sent you. There are loads of photos of the shed here, here and here.
P.S. Don't forget to look at her cropping projects when you get there. They are wonderful! Scroll to the bottom of her page and look at her slide show.
If you enjoyed this post as much as I had writing it, please leave a comment and tell me. Do you know of another wonderful creative space that I should showcase? Maybe you know another crafter who makes very interesting things. If so, send me an email and tell me about it. It might even be yourself!



Sandra said...

Hi Paula. thank you for the lovely comments about my shed. I think you were a bit generous, Did you know that the photos didn't come up in your post? Do you want me to send you some?
I would love to see about your fabulous home.

Gina said...

WOW is all I can say to that. This is very interesting!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Hi paula! I've FINALLY made it back to blog land and I'm trying to get caught up on my blog rounds. What great pics!! I need design ideas so bad for our new rental home. Got any spare furniture? LOL just kiddin'. I hope you have a great sunday!


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