Friday, May 14, 2010

Internet Scrapper Friends Meet

Today's post is out of the ordinary for me.  I met one of my scrapping cyber friends and spent the day with her in Georgia.  Actually, our scrubbies were there taking these photos. As you can see, we hit an Archiver's store while we were together that day!
 Here's a quick story on how this happened.  Last week, my scrubby said he would be taking a short business trip and I quickly told him that I wanted to go because I might be a able to meet up with Micki.  As it turned out, we left a day early on the trip so that Micki, myself and our spouses could meet.  Since Micki and I had been chatting, we found that we had a  lot in common and thought our scrubbies would have a lot to talk about too.  That is exactly what happened!
We spent the day shopping and site seeing.  This was just a moment of acting silly while the scrubbies were taking a few photos.
About a month ago I was in the chat room asking about the Cricut expression cutting machine because I wanted to purchase one. Micki and Lisa quickly answered my questions. While I was chatting with them, Micki went out and downloaded an svg file that I was interested in. She also liked the image and offered to  send some to me. I told her that would be great and offered to send something to her in return.  She quickly replied that a dump truck full of money would be sufficient payment and I told her..."no problem".  Since then, a dump truck full of money has come into our chat conversations and is now a running joke.
 Here is a photo of Vanna White I mean Micki, holding the dump truck that I gave her the day we met in person.  I went out looking for a Match Box dump truck that I was going to mail to her as a joke.  I found this truck instead and printed up some fake bills to put in it along with some scrapping goodies.  The really funny thing is that Micki purchased a Cricut cartridge recently which had a dump truck die cut and thought of me.  She sent me a fabulous card that I will show you in an upcoming video so be on the look out for that.  I have some RAKs to film and I'll talk about her card too!


Karin said...

How fun! I love the dump truck and the funny $$$ and goodies inside :) Looks like you had a great time!

Joanna said...

Looks like you both had a fab time.


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