Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Old House News

Lately I have been getting questions about where I have been and how the house restoration is going. Today I kill two birds with one stone as I answer those questions.  My arthritic hand has been wrapped around a paintbrush which has been priming over 4000 cedar shakes. Ugh! We are in the middle of trying to get the carriage house weathered in before winter hits the mountains.  Back in the 1940's, our carriage house was built and over the years it has been just that as well as two apartments.  The first floor will house two of our vehicles and the second floor will remain an apartment space without a renter.  I'll have a new creative space with a kitchen, bed and bath. When my scrappy friend from South Carolina saw it, she said....."great, I won't have far to go to bed when I visit!" LOL! She's just too funny!
The garage doors were framed out and installed along with new windows. Cedar lap siding now covers the alley side first floor as well as the side with the electrical panels. Everyone is working on this project including my husband and daughter. I even got in on the act of siding the building as you will see in the next photo.

This is the side with the electricity and the pic was snapped last Sunday a week ago. We have begun to paint so maybe I'll show you a completed side, in the near future. Okay so it probably won't be totally complete this season because the soffit needs repaired and I doubt we will have time to do that along with getting the floor heat installed on the first floor of the main house this season. Whew!  Anyway, I have been pulled in many directions lately and some days I don't know which end is up. Enjoy this beautiful fall weather and don't forget to get some scrappy time in too!


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Kim said...

G'day Paula =D It was great to some pics from your side of the pond! Hope your arthritic hand has recovered! Hugs Kim


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