Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3 of Marion's 31 day challenge

Today was like moving around deck chairs on the Titanic! This room is small and I move things around a lot in order to rearrange the room or I take it outside of the room and move it back in a little at a time. I thought this set up would last about a month while I wait for the jetmax cubes to go on sale but I found out the cubes are on sale right now. That means that I will tear the room up again in order to create a cutting island for my Cricut and Cuttle Bug.
Enjoy the chaos!


Anonymous said...


Kimibee said...

Hey Paula =)) Just dropping by to see how your 31 days is going? Been catching the odd video here and there on YT...when I can!! TTYS Kim

maryrose said...

Paula, I feel your pain! Been there and done that! I left you a little present on my blog today!



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