Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where Did the Blogs Go?

  I couldn't believe just how long it has been since I last made a post on this blog! I'd like to say that time flies when you are having fun but that hasn't quite been the case. The Glitzy Glamour Gals were preparing a Christmas in July crop but that had to be postponed. It's mostly my fault. Things have been hectic!  I've had way too many doctor appointments followed by way too many tests! The cropping mojo has been on the back burner. Tammy and I have still had some cropping sessions and  I have posted a few projects on my You Tube channel but that has been about it. I am hoping things turn around but that is all undetermined at the moment.
I finally got around to reading a few blogs today!  I hadn't done that in many months but I found something odd.  Some of the blogs I had subscribed too were no longer in my subscription list.  Now I know this has been a problem on You Tube but I didn't know it was happening with Google.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I wish I could remember the names of some of those blogs but I just can't figure it out.  My memory isn't what it use to be! If you happen to be one of those blogs, leave a comment and let me know so that I may  subscribe again!


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