Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Today's post showcases all of those bits and pieces you have lying around on your work area that didn't make it onto your project. I can't throw those things away so I toss them into a box and at some point, I make cards using these pieces.
 This is an image I colored several years ago but I made a mistake and decided to try and hide it by spritzing the card all over. I wound up with this water stain look that I wasn't going for in my project so I tossed it aside. I think it looks fine on this card. I was also using up a few flowers that had been taking up space in a jar. Some Tim Holtz tape and matted vintage bag completed the card.
Everything on the this card was scrap from several other projects. They worked well enough together so I just started playing with the pieces.

 The inside screamed for something more so I added a few flowers just to be different.
 This was a wild mix. I added the sentiment and the punched border to get this scrappy card.
 These little bits and pieces came together into a simple but elegant card. I stamped the border and the background to get this combination with the other bits.
This lonely leftover image turned into a cheery card. I stamped the background image, added ribbon and voile.
These may not be my best work but they still get an A+ for re purposed bits of scrap. It feels great to clean up and not waste these little gems. If you decide to re purpose your little bits and pieces, share the results with the rest of us.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ink Storage

Yes it has been forever since I last posted anything. I was burned out after Marion's 31 day challenge back in January of 2011 on YouTube. I have continued to create but I took a break from posting. I needed to catch up on some projects. I've also had a few snags with the hard drive on my computer dying. I lost a lot of video and photos. The professionals told me they MIGHT me able to retrieve the information and it MIGHT cost $300 with no promises. Needless to say, I had to replace the computer and that took several months.
After losing the computer, my video camera quit working and I still have not been able to replace it with what I want. It's too expensive at the moment. I'll have a try at using the camera on my phone and see what happens.
Anyway, I have a photo of my work space right in front of where I sit. I have storage units stacked on the back of my table. This is about 20 inches off the table where the ink storage begins. I use the SU! carousel which houses 60 ink pads and then I have a few in the very top standing up on end. I like this system because it takes up a small footprint, uses vertical space well and I can easily see the colors that I have.  Beside of that is a metal folding shelf which I purchased at Hobby Lobby. There is a photo in the link if you want to see what this looks like empty. I like this shelf because it folds flat and it is sturdy. I can use it for a lot of things. On the middle shelf I have misc. ink pads. On the left there are two Life Savers tins which house those small round Studio g pigment ink pads. Some day I may get around to decorating the tins. Next there are a few memento, Tim Holtz, Brilliance and Stazon pads. I store these upside down so that the ink stays at the top of the pad and I ink white paper and tape that to the ends of the pads so that I can see the colors at a glance. All together, there are somewhere between 110 and 120 inks pads.
How do you store your ink pads? I know some of you have some very creative solutions!


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