Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ink Storage

Yes it has been forever since I last posted anything. I was burned out after Marion's 31 day challenge back in January of 2011 on YouTube. I have continued to create but I took a break from posting. I needed to catch up on some projects. I've also had a few snags with the hard drive on my computer dying. I lost a lot of video and photos. The professionals told me they MIGHT me able to retrieve the information and it MIGHT cost $300 with no promises. Needless to say, I had to replace the computer and that took several months.
After losing the computer, my video camera quit working and I still have not been able to replace it with what I want. It's too expensive at the moment. I'll have a try at using the camera on my phone and see what happens.
Anyway, I have a photo of my work space right in front of where I sit. I have storage units stacked on the back of my table. This is about 20 inches off the table where the ink storage begins. I use the SU! carousel which houses 60 ink pads and then I have a few in the very top standing up on end. I like this system because it takes up a small footprint, uses vertical space well and I can easily see the colors that I have.  Beside of that is a metal folding shelf which I purchased at Hobby Lobby. There is a photo in the link if you want to see what this looks like empty. I like this shelf because it folds flat and it is sturdy. I can use it for a lot of things. On the middle shelf I have misc. ink pads. On the left there are two Life Savers tins which house those small round Studio g pigment ink pads. Some day I may get around to decorating the tins. Next there are a few memento, Tim Holtz, Brilliance and Stazon pads. I store these upside down so that the ink stays at the top of the pad and I ink white paper and tape that to the ends of the pads so that I can see the colors at a glance. All together, there are somewhere between 110 and 120 inks pads.
How do you store your ink pads? I know some of you have some very creative solutions!

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