Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Here's Your Sign

This is my latest project for my house. My spouse has a CNC router (Computer Numerical Control) and I have been putting it to use lately. Eh, what's that you say? Think of it as a router mounted onto its own table and is controlled with software. I have been designing signs for myself and for Christmas presents. In fact, I think I have created more projects with it than my spouse. 
You see, my house sits on an oval and the road runs behind and in front of my house. The good news is that it overlooks our small downtown and the bad news is that you drive up to the rear of the house before you get to the front.  It's a formal house and I would much rather receive guests and packages from the front but most people show up at the back. They don't often realize that the road goes around and there is parking in the front. This creates a problem for me. I always have creative projects going on and they often spill out of the craft room into the family room. I also preserve a lot of food from the garden by canning and when that is happening, my kitchen looks like a disaster with all of the extra equipment sitting out. Hence, I would rather see people at my front door where it is neat and clean all of the time. The packages will also benefit since they will stay much drier on my front porch. This is a photo of the house while it was under rennovation. You can see man of the colors that were used. In the end, there were seven different colors used on the house and it looked like a grand Victorian again.

I designed the sign with a CarveWrite CNC system and a free download. Yes, you read this correctly. I can take many free images from the internet and use them on my signs. It takes a bit of work with the software and getting things just right. In the end, it is so worth it. I painted the sign with colors of my house and I now have a custom sign looking like the Victorian era. This so fits the house. Now I am off to decide where to display the sign so that everyone can easily see it.
If you need a sign for something special, contact me. I may be able to create just what you need.


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