Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Egg Tree Ornaments

About four decades or so ago my aunt began making Christmas ornaments very much like these and covered a large tree with them. After she passed away, family members were each given some of her egg ornaments and we appreciate them each season as we hang them on the tree. Last year, my Mom and I decided to start making some new ornaments for Christmas. 
After Christmas I continued to make them and fill them with spring items so that I could have an egg tree for Easter/Spring. The tree needs more ornaments so I am making new items for it and wanted to share some of those with you today. 
I take our farm eggs and cut the front out so that I can dump out the egg. I then wash and dry the shell so that I can craft with them. Some how, most of my craft projects carry over into the paper crafting realm and these projects are no different. On the inside of this egg is a piece of Victorian clip art from Dover Publications that I printed on white GP card stock and cut out. I then added some glitter and a small piece of foam so that the image would stand up. often times I shade and draw on the clip art if needed but this one didn't need a thing except the glitter to make it pop! I added some moss and the top of a vintage stick pin which is a small bunny figure that you can see in the foreground.
The girl has an apron full of bunnies and I thought it would be cute if one was on the ground trying to get away.

The outside is decorated with seed beads, pearls and trim. These pearls are vintage glass beads from Japan that were part of my husband's grandma's stash.

 I used a mulberry rose on the back which I covered in Mod Podge. This protects the paper and makes it easier to keep dust free for decades to come. I am entering this in the Inspiration challenge 437 at SCS,
 This egg ornament contains a small Bible and dove. I picked up the Bible from the doll house section at Hobby Lobby. I've had the dove in my stash for decades but they can still be found in craft stores. Look in the wedding section for these. I added glitter to this one.
 I left the back of this ornament open to let light shine through. I added small greens to give dimension and interest to the back of the Bible.
I hope you enjoyed a peak at my Spring decorations because I have more to show you in the next few posts!

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Shelly Schmidt said...

WOW- LOVE the eggs- they look like you put a lot of time and care into them- love pink- so have to say it is my fav : ) Loving the little holy bible in the ornament!


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