Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Easter Eggs

I will keep my egg tree up until the end of the month. I consider it a Spring decoration even though it does have some Easter specific ornaments such as this one. Again I used clip art from Dover Publications in this hen egg that I decorated.
I found these Cross beads at Hobby Lobby last spring and I have used them inside as well as outside the eggs.
I shopped the scrapbooking isle to find these crosses. If I remember correctly, they were by Jolees and I placed two back to back so that it was double sided.
I love this pink bunny! You can find them on the Red Rose Tea site as part of the Wade Red Rose Calendar Series Figurines 2008-20012. At this writing, you may still purchase this figurine for $2 each on the Red Rose Tea site.
The flowers on this egg came from the bead section at Hobby Lobby. I used pearls and pearl headed pins to finish them off. As you might guess, cutting away so much of the egg shell to make this ornament was a little tricky. I coat the entire egg with glue to strengthen the shell and add some of the trims before I cut away the two sides of the back. This helps a lot to prevent the shell from breaking/cracking.

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