Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Work Than A Toddler

 This is Buddy and the latest member of our family! He's quite a handful and into anything and everything! His nose leads him into more trouble than he can get out of. Buddy was probably dumped at the end of the road where my mother-n-law lived. In any case, he wandered onto her farm and she took him in. He had worms and mange a few weeks ago but several trips to the vets office has him on the mend.
 After my mother-n-law passed away, I took Buddy with me to get him part way to his destination and new owner. The plan was that I would meet my brother-n-laws wife halfway between my house and northern Virginia to drop him off. The new owner had second thoughts or (non)buyers remorse. I had been wanting a dog since my daughter left for college two years ago so I convinced my husband to let me keep him. He has definitely bonded to me. Buddy follows me everywhere! This photo is what he looks like right before he gets into major trouble. Notice the nonchalant look about him. As if to say...'who me? I wasn't even near that when it tumbled over. I'm here to serve you! Do I really look like a menace to society?'
He's more work than having a toddler in the house because he is quick. He's lightening fast and grabs anything he can get a hold of to run with it. He hopes that I will chase him but I calmly walk over and relieve him of the object instead. As I am writing this, Buddy just grabbed the bottom of a curtain and yanked half of the curtain rod off of the wall! I spend the day keeping him out of trouble or placing him in "puppy jail". In this case, I place him in jail. That's what we call the several hundred square feet that we cordoned off in the kitchen and houses his kennel. We put up two metal baby gates to make a safe area for him and it looks like he is in jail when sitting behind the metal gate.

This is Buddy's favorite pastime. Chew, chew, chew!!!!!!!! I give him several toys each day to chew on and he still finds lots of other things to chew instead. Shoes on the ground are safe for about thirty seconds before Buddy finds them and runs off with his treasure. yesterday I was stripping kale leaves from the thick midrib and Buddy was watching. He barked at me and I handed him the midrib. Off he went with his new found treasure! At least I know he's getting greens in his diet!
Buddy has now been with us two and a half weeks. He has learned to sit and lie down as long as kibble is involved! He can also play fetch quite well. I didn't have to teach him. It was already a part of his genetic make up. You see, Buddy is a mixed breed and Labrador Retriever is definitely part of the mix. I see many a slobbery tennis ball in his future as he spends part of each day retrieving. Well, it's time for me to go screw that curtain rod back in the wall! Thanks for stopping by today. Leave a comment and tell me what toy is the most favorite of your dog. providing you have a dog. Buddy loves his Kong moose and Kong gator stuffed animals. More toys are ordered and on their way. Soon his eight toys will become ten!

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Shelly Schmidt said...

Awww- what a sweet dog! How could he be naughty with eyes like that? Hehehehe Our dog loves a tennis ball. We tried the Kong, but he cannot figure out how to get the treat out and gets frustrated, so we got rid of it.


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