Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hand Made Bird Feeders

I have been working on these bird feeders for several weeks and couldn't wait to show you! First I had to collect the glass bottles and they are hard to find and then I had to find the bottoms to the feeders. I then had to find the copper wire and decide on the best paint to use so that it would hold up outdoors. The paint was the most difficult part to research and then finding it was another hurdle.

I haven't done any tole painting in probably twenty two years so I am very rusty. I will have to practice some more before I make another batch of feeders.  It's also very different painting with this paint and there is a learning curve with it.  I painted and washed several bottles before I was happy enough to fire them and make the paint more permanent.

I have removed the copper hangers from some of the feeders so that you may get a better look at the painting and etching. As you can see, there are two types of hummingbird feeders and one regular feeder. Sunflower seeds or mixed bird seed work well in this one.

 The red bottomed hummingbird feeders can be used as I have shown here or the flower can be turned around 180 degrees if you want a perch for the birds. I should also mention that the bottle at the top center has been etched and then white centers placed in the flowers with paint.
I'll be making more of these for gifts and also make a few extra to sell at our local artisan shop. Stop back in a few weeks, I hope to have another batch finished by then! If you would like a custom painted feeder, Click the mail icon on the right side bar of this blog and type Custom Bird Feeder in the subject line.
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